Windstar Carriers understands that the transportation industry is very competitive this days, that's why we are looking for drivers with good skills and experience to join our professional team of qualified drivers.

Some of the companies that experienced our services


Only New Trucks and Trailers, Need a Quote?

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All of our trucks and trailers are new and in great condition from top to bottom. Each of the cab features count with the latest technology and design improvements to make driving as safe as possible for each of our drivers.

Each of our vehicles are well-maintained and driven by qualified professional drivers who execute constant inspections to our equipment.

dry Transportation

When it comes to the planning of your cargo service, our priority is for your product to arrive safe and in the same condition it was given to Windstar.


Our drivers understand the requirements for a temperature sensitive cargo, that’s why they always monitored its condition from pick-up to delivery.

Temperature-Controlled Transportation

We may suffer temperature and humidity variations during a trip, that’s why we set up our trucks temperature units to fit the requirements your product demands.

Windstar team is proud to announce the launch of our new company logo and website as part of the ongoing evolution of our company.

Our business has grown over the last 8 years and we felt like 2018 was the perfect time to transform our company’s image. We have refreshed our logo and re-designed our website to reflect how our company is today and to symbolize our bright look to the future.


Introducing Windstar's New Brand Identity:

Windstar Carriers Team.