We guarantee safety for your cargo to reach its destination At the right place and time.

Looking For Special Transportation?

We offer temperature-controlled services

Dry Transportation

When it comes to the planning of your cargo service, our priority is for your product to arrive safe and in the same condition it was given to Windstar.

Refrigerated Transportation

Our drivers understand the requirements for a temperature sensitive cargo, that’s why they always monitored its condition from pick-up to delivery.


We may suffer temperature and humidity variations during a trip, that’s why we set up our trucks temperature units to fit the requirements your product demands.

Our services

When it comes to the planning of your trip, our main priority is for your product to arrive safe and in the best condition. Our goal is to reach the final destination with a 100% satisfaction quality service, avoiding misunderstandings, or issues with your cargo as: My merchandise was opened and didn’t arrived to the destination as desired, my merchandise was stolen and never arrived to the final destination, broken merchandise, Etc.

Refrigerated Transportation

You can feel totally confident and safe when your perishables are transported in one of our temperature controlled trucks. Our drivers understand each of the requirements that a temperature sensitive cargo requires, and they're constantly monitoring your cargo condition from Pick-up to delivery. We count with more than 20 refrigerated trucks for all your transportation needs. Most people believes that refrigerated transportation is only ideal for perishable fruits, vegetables, dairy products, pharmaceutical products, meats, or frozen foods, however, other cargos demand temperature-controlled handling as:

  • Antiques and fine arts that might be affected by humid weather.
  • Tobacco products such as e-cigars that require being transported under controlled temperatures to preserve their freshness.
  • Chemically engineered materials that might react with high temperatures thus lowering their quality or resulting in explosions.
  • Personal care products such as lipstick, which might melt under higher temperatures.

With the understanding that different zones have different temperature and humidity levels, we set our trucks’ temperature units to fit these requirements.

Our Clients

Our commitment is efficiency and reliability for each of our customers.


"Windstar is a family company, always dedicated to help his drivers, is one of the best places to work with."
Alejandra V.
"Excellent company, Great People i know & work with Windstar & owners few years."
Ron Dennis
"Working here has been a delight, The Drivers are great and the owners are easy to work with."
Laurie Adams